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Doggiesite was born in the year 2000, set up because the webmistress had nothing better to do! Just kidding…
After getting my very first dog, I surfed the World Wide Web for information on dogs and especially information on dogs in Singapore.


There were not many local websites for dogs, and those few that I managed to find, were not updated at all. So while doing my M.Eng degree, I created Doggiesite. Initially this website showcased the photos of my dogs, then other Singaporean dog owners started to send in their dog’s photos and slowly this site became national!


Today Doggiesite is visited by an average 500 people per day. Doggiesite is a non-profit website and it serves as an online community for Singapore dog lovers, promoting responsible pet ownership. This is the place to meet up with other fellow dog lovers in Singapore.


This is the place to find out what’s happening in the local dog community. This is the place to find valuable information on how to take care of dogs and seek help from other fellow dog owners when you have a problem with your dog. This is the place to check out the latest products and services for your dog. This is the place for Man’s Best Friends!


Explore the pages, view the photos of our beautiful Singapore dogs, check out what’s happening and be sure to visit the forum which is full of activities for our furry friends. Don’t forget to sign our guestbook!