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What’s New

In March to April 2005, Doggiesite held an online auction called the ALL For Love Charity Auction to raise funds for the Animal Lovers League (ALL), a local animal shelter. Thanks to the auction committee members’ hard work and Doggiesite members’ overwhelming support and generosity, we raised a total of S$9752.50 for the animals at ALL! Click here for more pictures.

Doggiesite would like to urge all responsible pet owners to


  • spay or neuter their pet dogs and cats
  • microchip or ID tag the dogs and cats
  • not breed their dogs and cats
  • send their dogs for training
  • not abandon their dogs and cats


If you really can’t keep your pets any longer, give them up at SPCA or approach welfare organizations such as ASD to help rehome them. Do not release your pets onto the streets thinking you have done them good. This will only add to the stray population. Do our part as a responsible pet owner.